Where’s my Unicorn?

Remember back in 1997, that crazy picture of the mouse with the ear? We were all sure it was a hoax, then come to find out it was real. It showed the hairless mouse with an ear growing from (and taking up most of) its back.

Kinda (exactly) like this:

Gross – but still pretty cool.

It was actually ear-shaped cartilage, grown by “seeding cow cartilage cells (there was never any human tissue used) into a biodegradable ear-shaped mold.” Ok. The ear is a crazy detailed shape with a complex and unique design. All I’m asking for is a simple horn to grow out of a horses head. If given the choice, I’ll take mine with wings too.

Scientists need to stop making boner pills for pervy old men and focus on making me a Unicorn.

Also –
When can I get a jet pack?

These ones are still too expensive, and they only go for 30-33 seconds. Laaaame.