DreamWorks Pictures has updated the official website for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen with the new poster image. When you click on it, it just takes you to the original movie website… rumor is that they’re holding all other releases until the Super Bowl, after the first footage is revealed. I’ll be one of the kagillion people glued to the TV – eff football, I need Transformers!

Realease Date: June 26, 2009

Michael Bay-director

Staring Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, Kevin Dunn, Julie White, John Benjamin Hickey, Ramon Rodriguez, Isabel Lucas and John Turturro.

Movie Poster behind the cut.

New plot details:
This time, the story finds Sam and Mikaela under attack by the evil Decepticons because of something Sam has learned about the origins of the Transformers and their ancient history on Earth.
To acquire this knowledge, the invading Decepticons need to capture Sam instead of kill him. Meanwhile, the U.S. military and an international coalition has united with the good-guy Autobots to fight back the villains’ attack.

Some of the most important newcomers are in the robot cast: Decepticons Soundwave, a fearsome communications expert, and Devastator, whose arms and legs are built out of other Transformers. And on the Autobots’ side is Jetfire, a villain whose age and broken-down physicality leads him to help the Autobots.

(Source: USA Today)

This clip was taken on Shoreline Ave, in Long Beach, Ca.