Burger King and Adult Swim team up to find Carl for the first ever live-action episode of Aqua Tenn Hunger Force. The search began back in July at Comic-Con. Video submissions will be accepted until December 1, 2008.

So put on your favorite blue sweat pants, slide on some green flip-flops, wrangle that grungy white tank top over your man boobs, comb out your chest hair and get busy filming your audition video.

If you or someone you know looks like Carl, this could be your shot at immortality. Sweaty, hairy, horny immortality. How, you may ask, is one to achieve such greatness? Easy. Simply make a video of you or your friend (being Carl, you sicko) and upload it to the Adultswim website. Then sit and wait. If you are man enough to master the role of Carl, Adult Swim will contact you. Then your journey begins……. For there can only be one.”

Click [HERE] to send in your video… I triple dog dare you!