I was on a big boat out in the middle of a lake. I’m talking, cruise ship big. We were running around having a great time and then it was like everything started to freeze over. Glaziers were in the water, and the lake was slowly icing over. The other ships were getting stuck or sinking. We were all panicking, hoping that we’d be able to make it back to land. Some of us found some arctic scuba gear (no clue how or why but hey, I take what I can get) and we got in the water. We had radio mics and were scouting out a route for the ship to take. Sometimes we’d set bombs or break through the ice so the ship could keep moving.

We made it to land and the beach and everything else was normal. No ice or cold. Everyone got off and things sort of went back to normal.

I was trying to get home so I looked for my car. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I started walking. It started raining, then snowing. Pretty soon the roads were icy and I was freezing again. I found someone who would give me a ride and all of the sudden they just got out of the car and ran away screaming. So I got in the drivers seat and took off again. I came to a fork in the road that led to the highway, but I couldn’t read the directions. I took the one to the right, but then realized that it was the wrong way and I wouldn’t be able to get back home. So I backed up (really fast) and slid about 50 yards backwards. It was scary, but I didn’t hit anyone so it was ok. Once I stopped sliding, I got into the left lane and waited for a break in traffic. On the corner next to me was a lady in a gypsy outfit and she was holding a sign. It said something like “Find what you’re looking for, around the corner”. It was one of those creepy moments where you know something is about to happen and you don’t know what, but you know you have to go through with it anyway. So instead of merging with traffic, I took a side street and parked.

When I got in the store, it was a lot bigger than it looked from the outside. There were back rooms, corners, stairs, different levels connected by suspended walkways. And on every surface was fabric. I realized that it was a costume shop of some kind. Most of the workers were women and they were wearing the generic “angel” costume. There were a couple of guys dressed like pirates and ninjas and stuff. But for the most part, they were women. I had the feeling they were wearing the angel costume to put me at ease. Like if I looked away and then back really fast, that they would look totally different and I’d be afraid.

One of the women smiled, walked up to me, and asked, “What are you looking for?”
I didn’t know. I said that I was just here to look. She smiled again like she heard that a lot. It made me think of when I was working at a restaurant and having every person who came in ask where the bathroom was. Anyway, she waved her hand around like she was giving me permission to wander freely, so I started walking. The ceiling was so tall that you couldn’t see it, it just faded into darkness in the distance. All along the walls were bolts and bolts of fabric. There was a room filled with ribbon, and another of different colors of sequins. Every color, every material imaginable; There was either a room for each, or it as stacked in piles along the walkways.

I found myself near the back of the building. I had climbed some stairs a while back, and I noticed a connecting suspended walkway that led to a doorway. I’d seen people go in but not come out. So of course I wondered what was in there. When I got the room it was empty. The room was dark and dusty looking, like an attic. There was a hole in the middle of the floor, so I walked over to it. I was careful about where I stepped because it looked a little weak. I was thinking to myself that everyone else must have fallen in… and then I looked down.

There was a man below that looked like he was teaching a class. He was standing on a low wooden platform about a foot and a half off the ground. Everyone was gathered around him and he was gesturing wildly. But I couldn’t hear what they were saying. I noticed that there were drawings all over in the room below me. The walls, the floors, propped up, stacked, drawn onto the walls and floors themselves in some places. Charcoals, some faded paints, but mostly penciled sketches on time yellowed paper. They were like a story, set in a jumbled pattern. As I looked at them, I felt myself floating closer. I knew that I was still standing in the attic room, but my perception was split and even as I was still looking down into the room, the drawings came zooming into focus. My minds eye drifted around the room, leaning close to each one and looking at them.

One was of a circus man with striped pants and a top hat, fire was coming out of his hands as he stared down a charging bear. Another was of a dancer on the high wire, sprouting shimmery dragonfly wings as she fell into a net of knives. All around the room I floated. I finally realized that the man was looking at me. He seemed to be the only one who could see me. I was startled back into my body like I’d been astral projecting.

When I was back in my body I was still looking down into the room. By this time the man was waving his arms and pointing up at the hole. Right at me. I panicked. I didn’t know what he was telling them, or what they were going to do. So I ran. They were already coming up the stairs so I was trapped. They never touched me, but they circled around me and ushered me downstairs and into the lower room. I was brought to the front and for the first time I saw the man clearly.

He had dirty blond hair to his chin. He was bare from the waist up, except for some tribal looking tattoos circling his arms. His pants where a wierd tan/gray color and baggy but cinched tight at the waist and ankles with leather ties. He motioned for me to join him on the low platform that he was standing on. When I did, it was like he was speaking in my mind. He was telling me not to be afraid, that these people were not going to harm me and that he wanted to show me something. He grabbed my arm and sort of closed his eyes and tilted his head back, like he was going into a trance. All of the sudden I was floating around the room again, only this time he was there still holding on to my arm. When I looked back, we were both still standing there with our eyes closed and our heads tilted back.

I asked him why he was showing me this. And he said because he’d been looking for me. And he’d finally found me. He said that he’d given up, because he didn’t know what he was looking for. But then he’d felt my energy in the room and knew I was close, and then realized that I hadn’t found my true form yet. So that was why he had been unable to find me. He apologized for taking so long and asked if there was anything I needed. Anything.

I told him that I didn’t understand, that I just wanted to go home. He looked sad. All of the sudden we were back on the platform looking out at everyone else. They parted a way through them to the door and I stepped down and walked out. I looked back through the doorway. Only this time the man was holding a knife. He started glowing and stabbed himself in his left shoulder. He cut a gash and dropped the knife. Someone rushed forward to pick it up and wipe it off. He was staring right at me the whole time. Flinching from the pain, he dug his fingers into his shoulder and pulled out a purple crystal.

He tossed the crystal into the air and everything slowed down. His glow faded as the crystal got farther away from him, his arm was still raised from the toss, all the peoples faces were tilted upward watching the crystal float through the air, the scene froze. The crystal hung suspended in the air and started to glow.

All of the sudden I was looking at a penciled drawing of the scene through the doorway. Somehow, the layout and mix of all the pictures in the room came together to make this scene that only I could see. To everyone else, it was still the bear and the man with fire and the lady falling, and many more separate pictures.

I started to cry and tried to go back into the room. But there was a barrier that I couldn’t break through. I tried to reach for the crystal…

— and the phone rang and woke me up.  There was more to it in the beginning, and getting to the warehouse costume shop, but I don’t really remember all the details.