I was almost productive a minute ago.
Then someone in my brain said: Write about Pickles.

Well, I’m always up for a good Pickle story.
Plus I always do what the voices tell me to do.

Maybe a love story between a Dill Pickle and a Sweet Pickle. The Sweet Pickle would be the girl of course. Their friends Ketchup and Mustard are the gay couple who live on the shelf upstairs.

There’s a lazy bastard that they all hate (Mayo) and the college kids that cram themselves into the shelf below to save money (Cheese Slices)… They’re noisy and always getting into trouble, but we love them anyway.

The sexy neighbor who always makes innapropriate comments is Ranch, he likes to talk about his “Hidden Valley” and “Creamy Goodness”.

Lording over the apartment complex is Lunch Lady. She’s nosy and bosses everyone around.

I should really write that down someday.