First there was that Super Man baby in Germany with the giant muscles (A Very Muscular Baby Offers Hope Against Diseases), and then some lady is Brazil had a Giant baby (Woman gives birth to 17 pound baby.).
Pretty soon they’ll be flying around, sucking the life out of people by touching them, and playing with the weather.

It’s all right around the corner.

As for me, I’m already a Super Hero.

  • Opaque-visionism: The ability to see through transparent objects.
  • Preview-ication: The ability to watch a preview of a movie and piece together the entire plot by studying wardrobe changes and locations of scenes.
  • Shape shifting powers: The ability to gain and loose weight by varying your food intake.
  • Normism: The ability to consume large amounts of alcohol. Also the ability to have everyone shout your name whenever you enter a room.
  • Self-propelled travel: The ability to walk to and from places without assistance.
  • Shatnerism: The. Ability. To. Only-Speak. One… Word-At-A-Time. In. Dramatic… Situations.
  • Self-contained telepathy: The ability to hear your own thoughts.