No. I don’t watch that show.
Also – stop judging me.

So to catch you up, blah blah blah… Billy gets a black eye, wanders through Headquarters, and the girl notices. What’s her name? Who cares. Anyway – first he claims that he got it in a baskteball game (random reference to pilot episode – which I also didn’t watch) but then he confesses that he got housed by somebody while arguing about “cracks for Warcraft.”


Either we’re talking about World of Warcraft, in which case I’m about to pee my pants and start a giant monologe about how amazing BlizzCon was this year, or he and his nemississs..sssss…sssssss were having a disagreement about Warcraft the (booo) game. Or card game. The most recent Warcraft was Warcraft III, and we’re talking a release date of six years ago. I don’t think the trading card game has “cracks” but whatever.

The point is they mentioned Warcraft.

I think I might actually watch the next episode. Or maybe I’ll just watch the one I’m talking about. Because seriously, who watches Knight Rider?