Johnny Depp will play The Mad Hatter in a new film version of Alice In Wonderland.The film, which will be shot in 3D, sees Depp teaming up yet again with director pal Tim Burton. It will be the seventh time Johnny and Tim have worked together.

Alice in Wonderland is slated for a release on March 5th in the US, and on March 12th in the UK, both in 2010.

The rest of the cast includes Alan Rickman as The Caterpillar; Helena Bonham Carter (aka, “Mrs. Burton”) as The Red Queen; Anne Hathaway as The White Queen; Stephen Fry as The Cheshire Cat; Crispin Glover as The Knave of Hearts; Michael Sheen as The White Rabbit, and newcomer Mia Wasikowski as Alice.

Alice will not be a straight adaptation, but rather a sequel of sorts featuring Alice as a 17-year old who visited Wonderland as a child, but has since forgotten her adventures.


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